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Blinds - Conservatory Blinds


Does your Conservatory get TOO HOT IN SUMMER or TOO COLD IN WINTER. ?

Have you suffered with FADING FURNITURE. ?

Is GLARE a problem. ?


Most conservatories which are not north facing will tend to suffer with these type of problems to a greater or lesser extent. Unless something is done to provide suitable shading then the us-age of the conservatory can becomes severely restricted.

One possible solution is to replace the roof. The disadvantage of this option is that cost is usually very high and inner rooms are permanently darkened. The conservatory area itself also becomes darkened so the special light and airey ambience of a conservatory is lost.


As the first specialist manufacturer of solar control roof blinds in South West Wales, Chic has been solving conservatory thermal control problems for 30 years.

The specially formulated solar control coating on our pleated roof blinds which were specially developed for the purpose reflect between 60 and 70 percent of heat (dependant on fabric se-lected) with the result that your conservatory will be COOLER in Summer and WARMER in win-ter. The GLARE from direct sunlight will be eliminated as the light is diffused to leave a pleasant glowing. The Cost will be far less than the cost of roof replacement and you also retain the abil-ity to easily raise or lower the blinds at will dependant on weather conditions. You will also re-tain that light and airy feel that is enjoyed in a conservatory.

As an unexpected bonus you will almost certainly love the finished appearance of your new Per-fect Fit conservatory roof blinds which are normally fitted without using any screws and fit without gaps.. The 20mm pleated fabric is available in white and cream, as well as an extensive range of other bolder colours.

The difference is amazing...

We don't know how we managed beforehand...

We should have done it years ago...

We love the look of the new blinds...

Specialist Manufacture and Fitting

The manufacture and fitting of pleated conservatory roof blinds is a specialist area that requires a high level of skill, training and experience. For this reason the majority of window blind com-panies do not offer conservatory roof blinds as part of their range. Chic Blinds can offer a wealth of experience having been specialist manufacturers of conservatory roof blinds for near-ly 30 years. We believe that Chic was the first specialist conservatory roof blind company in Wales.


The "International Perfect Fit Roof Systems" means that blinds are manufactured and fitted into their own frame at our factory. The complete blind and frame is then fitted to the roof by the use of special fixing clips without any drilling into the conservatory roof (unlike most alternative systems), ensuring an exceptionally smart and perfectly fitting finish. The standard system involving fixing the blinds direct to the roof by screwing into the roofs bars is also available at a reduced cost.

Conservatory Side Blinds

When privacy is the issue then the conservatory side is the main area to address.

Because of the huge range of blind systems offered by Chic we are not limited in terms of the options that we can offer. The choice of system will be determined by style and budget considerations. Because of it's fantastic appearance, fitting directly to the glass line , and the ability to fit with no drilling into your frames the "Perfect Fit" has become the most popular option for conservatory sides. Perfect Fit is available in roller, pleated, venetian or lite'n shade versions.

Other suitable options all of which have their particular advantages include : verticals, rollers, wood venetians, and the sensational new Allusion blind . With most blind types remote controlled electrical operation is now available and becoming increasingly popular because of the ability to raise or lower all of your blinds simultaneously by one touch of a button.

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